Three Factors to Support Hydrogen

October 20, 2021

H2 View North American Virtual Hydrogen Summit: GenH2 CEO identifies three factors to support the wider adoption of hydrogen in the US

NEWS    By George Heynes on Oct 20, 2021

Speaking at the H2 View North American Virtual Hydrogen Summit on Tuesday (Oct 19), Cody Bateman, founder and CEO of GenH2, discussed three main points that need to happen in the US to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen.

The three main factors identified to increase hydrogen adoption include: an increase in partnerships within the industry, easier permitting, and education, as well as incentives and tooling for the mass production of infrastructure components.

Education is a key factor with Bateman suggesting that raising the knowledge at a local level for hydrogen could be significant in unlocking its potential, “Well, the simple solution is through education. As I mentioned, many local governments are very hesitant to add stations.

“Everybody attending this summit today understands the safety of hydrogen and how it can be a significantly safer than even gasoline or diesel,” Bateman told the H2 View event.

“There’s a lot of great material out there that I’m hoping that we can get together under partnerships.

“Combine this information from all these companies that are working in the space to further educate people throughout the United States and all of North America.”

As well as this, there is an increased need to rollout hydrogen refueling infrastructure to create a sustainable ecosystem in the US.

However, as Bateman explains, more needs to be done to support the rollout of these stations including easier permitting for the stations which can be used nationwide.

“The key important part here is that every station is not the same. There’s multiple different sizes and shapes of these stations. Some of these are micro stations that are only capable of filling up four to five cars per day.

“The other stations can be extremely large ones for these truck stops that you’ll see across in the United States and making the difference there. It’s very important for us to understand the permitting for these are going to be different.”

Partnerships have also been identified by Bateman as a key aspect of supporting hydrogen’s role in the US.

“The second main point on, really how to make the mobility-piece specifically go forward, is partnerships within the industry,” Bateman explained to the H2 View event.


“Partnerships really inspire action. What I mean by that is when you go into a true partnership with a larger company or even smaller ones, smaller vendors, you start setting up deadlines and timelines and your people are starting to work together.

“My employees feel more invigorated every day when we have a new partnership and they’re working with new people inside the industry.”

The final factor by Bateman is centered around the need to mass produce the components required for hydrogen refueling stations and the current lack in the market.

“We can’t roll out to 300 stations if there’s only 50 or 60 parts that are needed across all of them,” Bateman said.

“What we need is to create a true infrastructure bill and start looking at government support and more grants and everything to talk about the core infrastructure piece, not just production level. With more incentives at the state and local level, this will encourage people to create manufacturing sites and get this going.”

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