The Production of Hydrogen Infrastructure Solutions

June 23, 2022

The Mass Production of Hydrogen Infrastructure Solutions with GenH2’s CEO, Cody Bateman

The CEO of GenH2, Cody Bateman recently sat down with H2View as part of their ‘H2 View Hydrogen Power Pillar Special’ to discuss how hydrogen will power the future.

The webinar began with Bateman explaining how the energy landscape will change over the coming years and the role that GenH2 will play in the industry with its approach to infrastructure.

“GenH2 is a premier provider of liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions,” explained Bateman. “Over the past three decades, my team’s mission has been to advance the hydrogen economy by accelerating the infrastructure build out to support energy needs – not only for land but for the air, sea, and, of course, space.”

The GenH2 team includes NASA Hall of Fame Inventors and researchers and developers that possess decades of experience researching, engineering, and producing hydrogen solutions. “While we did this work for the space industry, we were finding out there was all these small solutions, these small concepts, that are needed to advance the hydrogen economy specifically on the infrastructure side,” explained Bateman. From there, GenH2 has been able to grow liquid hydrogen technology that will allow safe onsite production and storage of pure liquid hydrogen, making the product accessible for everyday use.

Although GenH2 is headquartered in Titusville, Florida, the company also has research centers in New Mexico, which Bateman notes is important as elevation and humidity matter when dealing with liquid hydrogen. “As we build out infrastructure solutions – whether it’s in the deserts of New Mexico or the very cold temperatures in Northern Europe – we have to design infrastructure that works across all climates and all different variations of altitude and humidity.”

In Florida, there is extremely high humidity and almost zero elevation while their New Mexico research facility is at an elevation of 7000 feet with only 32% humidity. “You start seeing changes in how things work, from the valves to the tubes, and differences in the transfer of hydrogen.” Therefore, one of the main focuses of GenH2 over the past three years has been how to create an infrastructure solution that is consistent across the board.

Another focus at GenH2 is how to grow and reach out to areas throughout not only the United States but across Europe.  Currently, hydrogen infrastructure is focused on existing hydrogen hubs, however that leaves large areas of countries that wish to become part of the hydrogen economy with huge voids. “These are the areas our company is focused on and that’s what we believe is really necessary for the hydrogen economy to be successful.”

While GenH2 continues work on the large hydrogen hubs located in major cities and ports, Bateman believes “the real key in building out the hydrogen infrastructure is making hydrogen accessible to every community all around the world.”

To view the entire H2View Hydrogen Power Pillar Webinar visit, GenH2 Videos.

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