Offshore Technology Conference Takeaways

May 23, 2022

OTC Takeaways

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) was held May 2-5 at NRG Park in Houston, Texas and according to GenH2 founder and CEO, Cody Bateman, it was the best one yet. The OTC is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

Bateman was the keynote speaker at the Alternate Energies: Hydrogen Impact and Economics session where the discussion was driven by the tide of global energy transition, as many oil and gas companies are setting their net- zero-emissions targets. The speakers in this session discussed the important role of H2 in the energy transition over the next decade and beyond and what role industries are going to play, as well as:

H2 production trends;
Global H2 projects and scales;
Hydrogen cost analysis;
Achieving the goal of USD 1 for 1 kg in one decade for carbon-neutral H2 production;
Investment requirements and criteria;
And how H2 is becoming the future asset class on the energy transition journey.

During the panel, they also discussed offshore green H2 technologies that the industry is working on, including the Dolphyn project off Scotland coastline – the world’s first combined offshore floating wind platform with green H2 production system, which is a modular design, integrating electrolysis and a wind turbine on a moored floating platform to produce H2 from seawater using wind power as the energy source.

Although other sessions included hydrogen in their presentations, it was clear by the overwhelming reaction to Bateman’s hydrogen-specific session that next year, the OTC will be significantly more focused on hydrogen. Bateman noted “The response was amazing, people were so excited about the future of hydrogen, and I like to think that’s because our presentations are both educational and entertaining.”

Amid the groundswell of interest in hydrogen, it also became apparent that the number one thing people need to be educated about is hydrogen safety. Bateman was by far questioned the most about management team concerns on safety, therefore it is imperative that we continue to educate people and advocate for hydrogen.

When it comes to offshore technology, the main takeaway from the OTC is that there is a lot of research going into finding long-lasting solutions to getting to net zero emissions. And the question is, how do you use that technology to create hydrogen and how do you store that hydrogen? Next year, as the OTC shifts its focus more to hydrogen, there will be some compelling answers, and GenH2 is committed to being there every step of the way.

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