GenH2 Purchases Titusville Property

September 15, 2021

GenH2 purchases Titusville property for their new headquarters. Liquid hydrogen is a growing fuel source – not only in the space industry but increasingly in everyday use – like powering vehicles. As reported by Spectrum News 13, GenH2 is doubling down on the technology in Brevard County and bringing millions of dollars of investment. Cody Bateman, CEO and Founder of GenH2 took us on a tour of the new facility that will begin its estimated 3 to 5 year renovation in the upcoming weeks. Bateman broke down the massive project explaining how the new facility will be green focused and energy efficient including walking trails and an outdoor conference area. GenH2’s headquarters will bring in about 100 jobs in Phase 1 of the $4 million project.

“Since we actually grew up and came from the hydrogen economy here at NASA, at the Kennedy Space Center, we thought it was only appropriate that we did something closer to home,” said GenH2 CEO and founder Cody Bateman. “Plus, a lot of our engineers already live here.” Bateman and many of his colleagues at GenH2 formerly worked for NASA.

The new headquarters site will undergo a nearly $35 million revamping to fit the needs of the company, as it looks to rapidly grow in northern Brevard County. Phase 1, which is expected to be completed in early 2022, will cost about $4 million, and will involve restoration and construction work on the main building, demolishing an old warehouse and updating some of the cosmetic features of a third building on the property.

“We’ll be able to bring people here, have educational scenarios where we will take them through, line them up and show them step-by-step, so that they can learn more about hydrogen – and especially the safety of the hydrogen,” Bateman said.

There will also be space in the upper levels of the facility, where GenH2 will conduct proprietary research on the hydrogen production units.

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