GenH2 Forges Alliance with Monfort TechnologyGenH2 Forges Alliance with Monfort Technology

February 5, 2022

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Hydrogen Infrastructure Leader GenH2 Forges Alliance with
Green Energy and Storage Provider Monfort Technology

GenH2 and Monfort to Provide Hydrogen Infrastructure and mobility Solutions for Transit and Long-Haul Vehicles

Titusville, Fla. (February 4th, 2022) – GenH2, a premier provider of hydrogen infrastructure solutions, announced today an agreement with Monfort Technology to develop solutions for mass transit and long-haul trucking sectors. GenH2 will manufacture hydrogen production, liquefaction, controlled storage and dispensing solutions to empower the fueling infrastructure for buses and Class 1-8 trucks. Monfort, known for building the first working 80 passenger electric school bus, will produce EV hybrid vehicle conversation kits utilizing their patented BMS and drivetrain technologies.

“The combination of reliable hydrogen infrastructure and Class 1-8 trucks powered by BEV and hydrogen fuel cells will serve as a total solution for transit and long-haul trucking companies,” said Cody Bateman, Founder and CEO of GenH2. “Our alliance with Monfort Technology is a great example of industry leaders working together to build the future of the hydrogen economy.”

Monfort Technology is a leader in power supply, automation, thermal dynamics, and zero emission vehicle conversions. Their extensive background in product development, engineering and manufacturing led to the creation of multiple patents and inventions, including the COLDfire Process, the Ronaele Mustang, the Electric Driveshaft for Hybrid Vehicles, and more.

“I’m excited about this partnership with GenH2, which will allow us to leverage our combined expertise to provide a comprehensive solution that has not been available and will help enable rapid expansion of this industry” said Monfort. “My background in designing the first patented Cryogenic Thermal Cycling machine aligns with GenH2’s work in this important and growing field and I look forward to our partnership to further the adoption of clean energy alternatives.”
The alliance will focus on the delivery of mobility and infrastructure solutions in support of the following use cases:

Buses and supporting hydrogen infrastructure for municipalities and school districts
Long-haul trucks and supporting hydrogen infrastructure for regional transport
Liquid hydrogen transport

GenH2 and Monfort will also collaborate on the development of capsules for on-board storage of liquid hydrogen. The companies plan to accelerate development by utilizing both Monfort-past patents for cryogenic thermal cycling systems and GenH2 Intellectual Property for controlled storage and transfer.

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About GenH2
GenH2 is an industry leader in hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The Titusville, Florida-headquartered technology company was founded by Cody Bateman, who is widely recognized as a visionary and expert in this industry. The GenH2 team includes former NASA researchers and developers who possess decades of experience researching, engineering, and producing hydrogen solutions. GenH2 is focused on the mass production of infrastructure equipment necessary for the transition to a clean energy economy. GenH2 technology will allow safe onsite production, storage, and distribution of liquid hydrogen, making the product accessible for everyday use. GenH2’s innovative approaches include filling station solutions and servicing systems to make clean hydrogen readily available on-site for a host of end-use applications; the company has plans to deliver its product to hundreds of locations across the country in the coming years. Learn more about GenH2 at

About Monfort Technology
Green Energy and storage technology leader, Monfort Technology is an electric vehicle developer in the new EV industry with an extensive background in full product development, strategic planning, mass production capabilities through kits, and target marketing. They created multiple patents and technology including COLDfire machine and Process, design and development of the Ronaele Mustang and the original patent holder of the Electric Driveshaft for Hybrid Vehicles. Monfort has expertise in design, development, efficient cost-effective wiring designs for both high and low voltages, programing of all types of controls, large EV truck test driving evaluations, telematic data logging results and the ability to deliver product into full production assembly lines. They employ a unique ability to combine technical knowledge, consumer insights and leadership skills to develop game-changing products that deliver measurable realistic factual results with a competitive advantage.

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