GenH2 Closes on New Global HQ Campus in Titusville, FLGenH2 Closes on New Global HQ Campus in Titusville, FL

September 10, 2021

10 Acre Campus will Undergo $35 Million Revamp to Accommodate GenH2’s Global Headquarters,

Advanced Research Lab, Light Manufacturing, Hydrogen Visitor Center and Outdoor Space for Employees; Phase I of the Project to be Completed in Early 2022

(Titusville, FL) September 9, 2021 – GenH2, a leading developer of hydrogen infrastructure solutions and liquid hydrogen production, announced the purchase of an over 10-acre campus for its new global headquarters in Titusville, Florida. The property will undergo a $35 million renovation and build-out to accommodate GenH2’s needs as the hydrogen economy continues to grow exponentially.

The new campus will encompass an advanced research lab, light manufacturing center, educational and training classrooms for community engagement, an observation deck and outdoor walking trails, in addition to offices and conference rooms for employees. It will be home to more than 100 employees. The GenH2 campus will also include a hydrogen technology visitor center and gallery, which will be open to the public.

GenH2 founder and CEO Cody Bateman and his team chose the City of Titusville and specifically northern Brevard County for their new headquarters following a collaborative partnership between Rocket City Commercial and the North Brevard Economic Development Zone. Phase I of the project is expected to be completed in early 2022.

For Bateman, it was fitting that the company’s global headquarters be located just a few miles away from the Kennedy Space Center. Bateman, like many of his colleagues at GenH2, formerly worked for NASA before pursuing new endeavors.

Our foundation and history go back to this area where many of our employees had been contractors or employees at NASA,” said Bateman. “This is an ideal location for us, where we are confident that we can hire the work-force we need and where we are proud to have the support of the City of Titusville, Brevard County and the State of Florida.”

The Titusville global headquarters will join GenH2 facilities in Texas, New Mexico, and other locations around the country where the company is building a footprint. In total, the company expects to hire 400 new employees in the next two years.

“The hydrogen economy is taking off faster than anyone anticipated, and is reaching a ‘tipping point,’” Bateman adds. “Aggressive milestones both nationally and globally are pushing growth across the landscape. In order to meet market demands, we intend to be fully operational and producing our liquid hydrogen and filling stations by 2023.”

Liquid hydrogen has a long legacy within the space industry. However, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are also gradually gaining a foothold in the automobile market. According to data compiled by the California Fuel Cell Partnership, 11,187 hydrogen fuel cell cars have been sold and leased in the U.S. There are also 48 hydrogen fuel cell buses currently in operation in the Golden State. According to Bateman, part of the slow rollout of these zero-emission vehicles is the lack of hydrogen filling stations. In California, there are less than 50 stations in operation. The goal of GenH2 is to expand that number and be able to place smaller and more efficient hydrogen stations across the country.

Bateman is looking beyond just the needs of the automobile industry when it comes to using hydrogen power. “The hydrogen economy is here, not only for cars, but for the long-term future for semi-trucks, light rail trains, shipping and hydrogen-powered drones.”

About Cody Bateman

Bateman is a businessman, scientist and philanthropist. He has founded several startups including Advantek Research, providing engineering solutions for the DoE, and Cryotek, a leader in cryogenic engineering focusing on the technological commercialization of liquid hydrogen for vehicles, drones, maritime applications and supply infrastructure. As the Chairman and CEO of GenH2, Bateman is widely recognized as a leader in the field of hydrogen infrastructure research and development and is an outspoken advocate for the Hydrogen Economy. For more information, visit Cody Bateman for more info.

About GenH2

GenH2 is an industry leader in liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The Titusville, Florida-headquartered technology company was founded by Cody Bateman, who is widely recognized as a visionary and expert in this industry. The GenH2 team of former NASA researchers and developers possesses decades of experience researching, engineering and producing hydrogen solutions. At GenH2, they are focused on the mass production of infrastructure solutions necessary for the transition to a clean energy economy. GenH2 technology will allow safe onsite production and storage of pure liquid hydrogen, making the product accessible for everyday use. GenH2 has engineered the first end-to-end filling station solution to make pure hydrogen on site with zero CO2 emissions; the company has plans to deliver its product to hundreds of locations across the country in the coming years. Learn more about GenH2 at

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