GenH2 Closer to Commercializing Hydrogen Technology

March 2, 2022

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GenH2 has moved a step closer to commercializing its hydrogen infrastructure technology with the acquisition of fabrication and manufacturing company Pratt Plastics.

The Florida-based firm said the acquisition took place on January 24 and will provide GenH2 with the latest technology in high precision, automated computerized numerical control (CNC) equipment and laser cutters, in addition to a proven manufacturing process.

This experience combined with Pratt Plastic’s background in OSHA safety training, engineering, robotics, rapid-prototyping in thermal plastics, and automated processes, will support the commercialization for mass producing GenH2’s patented infrastructure solutions for the new hydrogen economy, the company said.

“As GenH2 continues to grow and seek out opportunities to commercialize our technology, it is critical that we have the capability to go right from patent to production and mass produce quickly, accurately, and locally,” said Cody Bateman, founder and CEO of GenH2.

“The acquisition of Pratt Plastics gives us best-in-class resources, industry experts, and processes to produce mass quantities of components and finished products in our own facility, with shorter lead time, and no potential supply chain-related delays.”

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Pratt Plastics will bring its capabilities to GenH2’s new headquarter campus in Titusville, Florida.

H2 View revealed the location for GenH2’s campus in September (2021). The 10-acre campus is set to undergo a $35m renovation and build out and will encompass an advanced research lab, light manufacturing center, educational and training classrooms for community engagement, an observation deck and outdoor walking trails, in addition to offices and conference rooms for employees.

Phase 1 of the project is expected to be completed in early 2022 and GenH2 intends for the campus to be fully operational and producing liquid hydrogen and filling stations by 2023.


With the support of Pratt, GenH2 recently launched the MacroFlash – a compact instrument which measures thermal conductivity of materials or complex composites at below-ambient temperatures.

The product was first prototyped by GenH2 co-founder and Chief Technology Officer James Fesmire and later commercialized and prepared for distribution under the guidance of Pratt.

Currently GenH2 is developing technology, which it says will allow safe onsite production, storage and distribution of pure liquid hydrogen, making the product accessible for everyday use.

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GenH2’s innovative technologies include cryogenics sleeves, liquid hydrogen tubing, and innovative solutions to make high purity hydrogen on site.

The company has announced plans to deliver its products to hundreds of locations across the country in the coming years.

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