ACT Expo 2022 Recap

May 18, 2022

Cody Bateman at ACT Expo 2022

What An Event: ACT Expo 2022

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo was held May 7-12 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California and this year’s event set an all-time attendance with 8,500 attendees, tripling the attendance in 2021. The four-day event featured global speakers from around the industry discussing the accelerating pace in which fleets are turning to transportation technologies such as autonomous, battery-electric, fuel cell, renewable natural gas, propane, and more, to reach their sustainability goals.

GenH2’s CEO, Cody Bateman was a Panelist at this year’s event, discussing Liquid Hydrogen’s role in transportation- especially long-haul transportation. Bateman spoke in the Hydrogen Workshop during the Hydrogen Fuel Supply and Fueling Strategies session, which covered:

Hydrogen fuel sources, production and delivery methods
• Current and future hydrogen fuel costs and carbon intensities
• Liquid and compressed storage and refueling systems
• Opportunities for hydrogen fuel cost reductions to meet fleets’ economic sustainability needs

Last year, the ACT Expo included just one session discussing hydrogen, and according to Bateman, this year was much different. More companies involved in various aspects of hydrogen were displaying on the show room floor compared to last year. “It’s very, very exciting times,” Bateman said, “and now we are also talking about liquid hydrogen.”

It has become abundantly clear that Liquid Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel Cells are the top contenders for the clean energy transition. During the panel, Bateman noted that the purity of the hydrogen is ultracritical for fuel cell applications and gaseous hydrogen has to be purified by special processes and sampled often. “Once hydrogen goes into liquid format, it is extremely pure,” he said. “I do believe the long-term future will be liquid hydrogen, especially in commercial vehicles.”

The attendance numbers are clearly a reflection of what’s happening in the industry. The excitement about the hydrogen economy was palpable and is clearly spreading. Next year is sure to feature hydrogen even more so – and GenH2 will certainly be a big part of it.

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